FeedBurner helps NewHomePodcasters sizzle

FeedBurner, the RSS feed service that makes sure that all of our real estate agents are heard by all of our home buyers and sellers, has expanded their services, and we're right there taking advantage of it.

Their new service is called FeedFlare, and it just makes sense.

FeedFlare expands the user friendly nature of the web display of our NewHome Podcast RSS feeds (they usually look pretty ugly, but not when you use FeedBurner with a bunch of new services:

- Email this (lets you send a link to your feed to someone via email)
- Email author (allows subscribers to email our real estate agents directly)
- Technorati Cosmos (display the number of links to thefeed from blogs)
- Del.icio.us tags (lists del.icio.us tags for a podcast episode)
- Save to del.icio.us (allows subscribers to bookmark the item with del.icio.us)

All of this adds up to another great option to make our NewHomePodcasts all that better for the listener.

Also - they are implementing geo-tagging, which might end up making sense for us to take advantage of, given the location, location, location nature of real estate. We're watching that and may require you all to break out your GPS units and give us your latitude and longitude (actually, since everythings broken out by zip code, we actually already have a pretty good idea of where you are.)

Check this all out at http://feedburner.com.

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