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[This site will be launching on November 11, 2005.]

Between now and then, real estate agents can prepare for the debut of the most powerful new tool for selling homes to qualified, interested buyers in years: business podcasting for an audience of local home buyers.

Imagine having a professionally crafted podcast series, that you can update at any time with fresh episodes highlighting the properties in your sales portfolio - with your voice, your words, your enthusiasm and to an audience that's eager to hear what you have to say.

And all on a market exclusive basis - if you're the first to lock in your area, no one else can have this service but you!

We offer to qualified real estate agents and Realtors® a turnkey production service that will take advantage of the power of podcasting. Your homes, explanations of home buying terms, chat about current market conditions and your enthusiastic expertise, all highlighted in short, easy to listen to and automatically delivered 10-minute long podcasts, moderated and produced by one of America's most recognized voices, David Lawrence.

And this is no one-size fits all podcast - each one is customized to your style and portfolio. You are the star: your voice shows potential buyers just how easy it is to become a homeowner, and showcases your marquee properties. You can even do your podcast from the properties themselves.

Here's how it works: every week, few days, month or however often you like, you arrange for studio time with David. At the appointed hour, you get a phone call - in your office, your car, your home, at one of your properties, wherever you happen to be, and David expertly guides you in real time through a fast paced interview, touching on everything from a concept about home buying that might be confusing to the potential buyer to a look at between one and three of the properties you want to promote during that episode. Once you're finished, you just hang up, and we take care of the rest.

Within an hour or two, your podcast will be posted to your own personal space here on And buyers in your area will be able to hear your message loud and clear - instantly. It's like having your own radio show, at a fraction of the cost of buying time on a local station. And you're free to use the audio any way you want - on radio, on hold, on in-home low-power transmitters, on your website - any way you want.

How do buyers find out you've got this great new podcast show? You tell them, we tell them, and they come looking for you at by searching by zipcodes for a real estate agent just like you.

And you can be the only one in your area to have this great new service. For as little as $100 per year, you can have the exclusive rights to any zip codes you want, and that means a powerful advantage over other agents. That also means a higher level of respect from buyers who are increasingly savvy about using the web, and expect the same from their real estate agent.

Don't know what podcasting is? It's a new way to get audio directly to the computers and portable audio devices of anyone who uses the Internet. Think of it as TiVO® for online audio - once a potential buyer subscribes to your NewHomePodcast, they get every episode you produce, instantly and automatically, right on their Mac, PC and iPod® or other portable audio player. It's information they want - they can't get it unless they ask for it - so each and every podcast listener is already qualified as highly motivated and in the market for a new home. And you're right there to give them the information they are craving about your listings.

And if you're a buyer, and you've read this far to get the inside skinny on what those agents are doing with this site - remember: it's all about information, and getting in early on properties that move quickly. In today's blazing hot home market, great homes get snapped up fast, and subscribing to a podcast from a savvy real estate agent in your area means you get advance information that no one else has.

Got a question or want to get started? Send David an email at

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